Saberproject is the first German lightsaber team showing on stage live-performances of epic battles between the light and the dark side of the force. Founded in 2006 as a website with the goal to feature “everything about lightsabers” they started collection and building lightsabers for their shows.


Inspired by Nick Gillard, stunt coordinator of the Star Wars prequels and creator of fast and agile lightsaber battles they quickly became a regular on a vast amount of Science-fiction events throughout Germany.

Through choreography, lightsaber spins and a unique wireless sound-system they are present own Star Wars stories live on stage. You can also be part of workshop-classes to learn to fight the Jedi (or Sith) way yourself!


Saberproject is working with Disney and Lucasfilm, but also involved in many other projects. 

Over the years they performed on company events, conventions, fairs, amusements-parks, museums, TV and even music-video. You can spot several members (and lightsabers!) in famous German band Rammstein’s music-video “Deutschland”.

For their tenth anniversary it was their greatest highlight to finally meet Nick Gillard and get to know some inside views on the creation of lightsaber duels of the Star Wars movies.

Still motivated by this encounter, they produce their own short films such as The Intern Awakens and the soon to be released sequel Rise of the Last Intern.

Learn all kinds of lightsaber trick tutorials their YouTube Channel or get to know the team traveling to various events.


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“I am very happy to see other lightsaber enthusiasts around the world and to be able to connect with them. I would have never believed that someday we inspire other fans to embrace our tutorials and create their very own lightsaber choreographies. A big thanks to Arianna and Jedi Generation for reaching out! You’re doing a terrific job, keep it up and keep lightsaberin’!” – Tim, founder of Saberproject

World Wide Saber Fighters è un'alleanza tra performers, coreografi e accademie di spada laser provenienti da tutto il mondo.